See you next year!

Hello! This is Andrew with IMS, again!


*After reading this, I noticed this is a little less of a “blog” and a little more of a drawn out thank-you letter. Sorry about that. However, these words come from the heart.*


Today is my last day with IMS (*holds back tears*). The short two months I have spent in Japan I will never forget. As soon as I arrived to the company, I was welcomed with open arms and a smile. For that, my IMS family, thank you so much. It’s quite difficult to write about the fantastic experiences I have been blessed with without completely breaking into sobs, but let’s try!


Firstly, I never even conceived that karaoke could be fun until I entered IMS. My middle-school fanhood of Ne-Yo was revived. Thank you. I was not able to learn too many classic Japanese songs (Maxime…), but I tried my hardest. Sakura, saaaakuraaaaaaaa. That’s all I remember. I’ll be better next time.


I did not write about it extensively last time, but the food in Japan is light-years superior to anything I have ever had in my entire life. Yaki-niku. Buta-Kalbi. Tabe-hodai. That is all.


I have developed a phobia of telephones. Especially in offices. Offices in Japan.


Camp in Niigata was absolutely splendid. Everybody I was blessed to meet was splendid as well. Everything was splendid. But sunburn hurts. Maybe I should wear sunscreen next time…


This experience far surpassed my expectations. Never in my life had I thought I would come to a country on the (literal) other side of the planet and become part of a family. I cannot wait to come back to Japan and continue my journey. Hopefully, my infantile Japanese will have improved by then, so I can truly convey my gratitude to everybody here. I just can’t find the words. As I return to the United States, everybody here will be in my thoughts. I hope I will be in yours as well.


Thank you. But this is not “sayounara.”


This is “see you next year.”