Outside Looking In~外から中を眺める外国人

This is Stephanie of IMS.


Last month, I had the opportunity to accompany my parents during their first trip to Japan. Although my father had previously worked in South Korea for one year, and my mother was able to visit him then, at the time they were unable to make a trip to Japan as well. So this year, using my work in Tokyo as an excuse to visit me, we traveled to Kyoto and around the Tokyo area.


Many times, when traveling to a new country for either work, study, or sightseeing, the length of your stay will affect how you view the society and people around you. For tourists like my parents—who only stayed in Japan for 10 days—their visit was short enough that even language barriers only added to a positive experience. (After all, there’s something to be said for the euphoria that comes from making yourself understood when the odds seem stacked against you.)


They were especially impressed with Japan’s overall orderly and polite atmosphere, even on the roads during rush hour. “I’ve never been in a place where the roads were so quiet,” my father remarked. Despite being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the lack of drivers sounding their car horns in frustration was a clear difference from back home.


“Also, the businesses and sidewalks were very clean… not to mention the trains!” he continued. “The Japanese people seem to take pride in their work, regardless of the task.” It seemed everywhere we went there was always something new that stood out to them, whether it was the apartment manager sweeping leaves from the outside of the building, or the train conductor’s apology for a 2-minute delay (something unheard of for my parents).


And that’s really the point of good customer service, right? To be efficient and considerate of the customers’ needs, and to do things in a way that invoke trust and confidence the services you provide… even if no one seems to notice, and even if it takes a foreign pair of eyes to point out things that are taken for granted. We at IMS genuinely enjoy the work we do for our clients and being able to help them in their times of need.


If you have any questions, by all means, please send us an email or give us a call!