The Little Book Club

This is Stephanie of IMS.


In one of my previous blog entries from August, I described how wonderful it was to find a new way to study and feel progress in my language learning. And although I still haven’t finished the Nintendo DS game that I’ve been using to practice my Japanese, I still manage to find time to play it in short bursts here and there.


(Also, my JLPT results came in, and I passed the N2 level!)


A little while ago, my friend currently working in South Korea bought The Little Prince so she could practice learning Korean. So earlier this month, I bought The Little Prince as well. (Perhaps you know it by Le Petit Prince, or 『星の王子様』) I’ve been trying to catch up to her spot in the book, and though I’m a few chapters behind, it’s been really fun to compare two different translations of the same story. We’ve been able to discuss plot points and things that are said, as well as talk about parts we particularly liked—all of which has been helping to cement our foreign language comprehension skills, despite reading the same story in two separate languages.


We’ve both been fairly busy lately, but perhaps after we finish this book we can start another. Our small, multi-language book club only has two members, but I hope it can continue!