Hi! This is Anna, one of the summer interns. As I mentioned in my introductory blog post (and any other time I can squeeze it into a conversation), I have strong roots in the city of Portland, Oregon. Having been an Oregonian since birth, I would say that I am substantially qualified to discuss its various merits. Although admittedly Portland has been gaining popularity in recent years, my unique hometown often goes without recognition (most people either know it because of “Portlandia” or as the hometown of the protagonist in 50 Shades of Gray). Therefore, I’d like to showcase a few of its highlights and give a few reasons why I think that Portland, Oregon should definitely be on everyone’s list of places to visit.


(This is actually Bend, Oregon but it’s the only decent Oregon picture I have on my phone)


First off, Portland holds quite a few records. It is home to the highest number of microbrews and brewpubs in the US, as well as the smallest park in the world (Mills End Park is only about 2 feet across). We also have the most movie theaters and restaurants per capita, meaning there’s always something to do and something great to eat nearby.


On a similar note, the food in Portland is absolutely amazing. There is such great diversity in eating establishments, as well as great atmosphere and pricing no matter where you go. You can go from from ice cream parlors serving olive oil ice cream, renovated school buses selling grilled cheese sandwiches, and giant streets blocked off entirely for (incredibly delicious) food carts to gourmet and specialty restaurants.


(My favorite Salt & Straw combination: Arbequina Olive Oil/Stumptown Coffee and Burnside Bourbon)


Portland is incredibly notable for its food culture, most especially coffee, brunch, and vegan/gluten-free goods. While these are all fantastic, it’s also important to mention that Oregon is very famous for its wine as well. With 679 wineries, some of the best wines in the world are arguably made in Oregon. Best of all, Oregon has no sales tax, so you can enjoy all of these things duty-free!


Another main thing that amazes me about Portland, especially now that I’ve experienced living elsewhere, is how abundant in nature and clean everything is. Portland is very eco-friendly, with more bicyclists per capita than any other U.S. city. This, along with Oregon’s moderate climate and abundance in trails, forests, and hikes, make for a very outdoorsy and active environment. In addition, we also have one of the highest recycling rates (63% of all waste) and number of LEED-certified buildings per capita in the United States. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a special certification given to buildings that meet certain requirements for eco-friendly construction and maintenance techniques. The tap water quality is great, rain irrigates well, and the city as a whole is a beautiful place to be.


Although I’ve covered most of the highlights, there are still many more things I could say about Oregon. I’m so happy to have grown up in such a unique area, and I hope that others can appreciate how incomparable it is (or at least commend my commitment to it).



こんにちは。サマーインターンのアンナです。初めてのブログにはオレゴン州の出身だと書きましたので、少しそちらについてお話したいと思います。私は生まれも育ちもオレゴン ポートランドですので詳しくお話できると思います。特に最近、オレゴン州のポートランド市はアメリカで最も住みやすい地として注目を浴びています。 日本の雑誌やテレビでも取り上げられ、ポートランドを耳にした事がある人も居ると思います。 これからポートランドの素晴らしい所を紹介します。  読み終わったら必ずポートランドに行ってみたくなりますよ!


まずは、ポートランドにはいくつかの”一番”があります。ポートランドはアメリカの中で一番地ビールとクラフトビールが多い町です。その上、アメリカでの一番小さい公園もポートランドにあります。(Mills End Park と言って、長さやく60cm以内です)。あと、住民一人当たりに対し一番映画館とレストランが多い町です。




(Grilled Cheese Grill, 上記のバスの中     from Google Images)