How can managers and employees adapt practical wisdom in a business environment?

Hello IMS,

This is your fall intern Stiven.

Since this is my last blog for my internship I wanted to first tell you how great this experience has been and how I amazing it has been to work next to each and everyone of you.  Throughout the month I have felt that I have belong to a family rather than a working organization, for which in the times that we live today that is hard to come around. I would like to say thank you for your kindness and your guidance throughout the entire process of my internship. I am leaving with a new experience that you all have gifted to me and therefore,  I would like to provide you all with an important concept on this last blog. The concept of practical wisdom can not only be used internally in a business environment which is critical for the well-being of employees and managers, but also externally in the outside world.  Companies like IMS, provide leadership, training, goal setting, and team building which are most crucial characteristic of implementing practical wisdom into an office environment. I will now explain how any company in particular can achieve this important concept, which is in fact a benefit in the end.

According to Barry Schwartz, “You don’t need to be brilliant to be wise. But without wisdom, brilliance isn’t enough”, which explains the importance not only of adapting wisdom, but also the importance of practicing wisdom in the real world. Why is wisdom an essential element in the business world? Wisdom is an indispensable component of life that is only gained through the years of experience. Philosopher Aristotle believed that wisdom is the virtue of life, the virtue that makes all of the virtues possible and by this he refers to the meaning of practical wisdom. In the corporate world there are several approaches that would result into practicing practical wisdom not only in management positions, but in every level of the company, which forms the fundamental structure.

First, practical reason is also referred as the reinforcement of practical wisdom, which is the virtue of good judgment and arranged over time. The most important approach for companies to establish practical wisdom is to set high expectations throughout their entire work force. The belief of high expectations along with extended time in leadership from management to employee is a great way to pursuit common wisdom through the corporate latter. As a result, leadership will allow non-experience employees to adapt the concept of wisdom through the experience of team leaders such as like my self the intern at the firm.

Secondly, another brilliant way companies achieve the concept of wisdom is by allowing their employees to think outside the box, by reducing the amount of training, limiting the amount of norms and regulations, and by allowing them to make mistakes. Consequently, the employee or manager would not limit themselves and are being encouraged to be successful. Finally, another good method that allows companies to adapt wisdom is to build teams that are composed of several employees and distributing potential goals within their job duties. This is very important because at IMS, team building is primordial and this is in fact one of the characteristics that allows the company to be successful. The establishing of goals is also characteristic that would not only allow individual to see the end of the race in competitive market, but also finds the experience that is gain by fully reaching a goal. The emotional reward is the most important and that is to feel like you have made an impact into society by achieving the expectations of others.

Overall, it is not just the perspective of being book smart, but also trying to find reasoning in the real world. This is what practical wisdom gives in return, the knowledge to be brilliant and successful in reality. Nowadays, without having knowledge it is difficult to fulfill wisdom that is practical in every decision. Therefore, when the companies provide knowledge through leadership, team building, and by setting goals in reality are practicing practical wisdom.

Finally, I would like to say thank you one last time. Most of the qualities that are needed to reinforce practical wisdom in an office environment I have found along your side here at IMS Legal Professional Corporation. I believe is important to know the good virtues that lead to success and I hope to also have impacted you as much as you have impacted me.

My very best wishes to all of you in any of your future endeavors and I give gratitude from the bottom of my heart.




Stiven Vargas

IMS/ Fall 2016