Life as an Intern

Dear readers,


I am your IMS intern and TUJ student, Reina.  


It’s been a hectic week for school and relatively relaxed in IMS’s office.  During weeks like this, I genuinely appreciate coming in for work at IMS, as the tasks are rather constant and it does not require much physical movement.  At school, I’d be running around and between campuses for different classes and meetings, always on the move.  Balance in life, is key.  I recently received the news that I have been accepted to Temple University’s Rome campus for the semester of Summer 2017.  This has been something that I wanted to do ever since I entered TUJ two years ago, and I cannot express the excitement of living in a country with completely different cultures as Japan, or even the US.  


I feel as though everyday I come into work, I know more about how the world operates, or more specifically, how businesses work across borders.  Many of IMS’s clients are business firms or organizations that want to send their employees abroad for some specific task relating to their business.  In order to make this happen, companies have to disclose their company objectives, the purpose of the trip, individual background etc, all in full detail to obtain a visa for their employees to go overseas.  Throughout my translations of these involved documents, I get to have an inside scope of the firm’s operations, which is an interesting experience as I wouldn’t usually have that opportunity.  


Perhaps it is because I have dual nationality with Japan and the US that I’ve never had to deal with Visas, makes all my experiences and learning at IMS new to me.  In addition to that, the majority of documents that I translate includes a vast amount of technical terms or phrases that I would normally comprehend in one language.  However, this past two months of translating fairly difficult documents has significantly improved my language skills both in Japanese and English, which I can feel even in my daily life.  


On another note, I went snowboarding this past weekend in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture for three days and still very much recovering from my sore muscles.  We were lucky enough to have clear skies all around, and the view of the beautiful Japanese alps while snowboarding down the slopes made the experience all much more incredible.

It still surprises me that in a small country like Japan, I could get on a bus from Tokyo and arrive at a mountain range full of perfectly powdered snow in the matter of 5 hours.  I feel as though there is so much I can explore in the outskirts of Tokyo, which I have just been too busy to do.  Maybe after finals in late April.


Sincerely yours,

Reina Tanizaki