Last Remarks from your Intern

Dear Readers,


This is your IMS intern, Reina.


This will be my last blog post with IMS, as it is also my last day in office.  It always baffles me how time works, where the present seems to be moving so slow yet the past feels like it breezed right through.  With my finals done and Economics dissertation turned in, finally, I can sit down and appreciate a moment of breath.  


Looking back to this past 4 months, I am truly surprised and thankful of the amount of knowledge and skills I gained throughout this internship, clearly I underestimated my “expected gains”.  The most notable gain in skillset would be my significant increase in language skills, for both Japanese and English.  This experience has given me the perfect opportunity to ease my language proficiency issue that many multi-linguists face, where there is difficulty in fully mastering one or more of one’s proficient languages.  Particularly during the first month of my internship at IMS, Google became my best friend on trying to figure out the “right phrase” for the other language, or getting used to the differences in formatting or wordings of court-orders and other official documents between Japan and the US.  Due to this, the first while was quite a challenge as well as taking more time to complete each task.  As time went on, these tasks became easier and I was able to complete them faster.


Perhaps I’ve mentioned this before but it is also worth noting again that, my experience at IMS has given me the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of how the world operates as a whole.  As big of a statement that is, I believe it appropriately describes my experience.  Dealing with visas allowed me to see how countries trade capital, specifically people, across borders.  More broadly, how countries interact with each other at a micro level.


The easiness in the movement of people between nations clearly shows the relationship and trust governments have with each other.  This thought have never occurred to me before, however throughout my experience at IMS I’ve realized the importance of visas, as it is the sole factor that allows movement of capital around the world.  In addition, changes in visa regulations is a simple example of how international relations would affect an average citizen.  It is interesting to see that, according to my supervisor, visa proceedings have noticeably become strict only after a few months of President Trump taking office in the White House.  I’ve realized that in order to carry out Trump’s protectionist policies, changing visa regulations will be a key tool in achieving his political and economic goals.


I was fortunate enough to be able to work with kind people who were always willing to help when I had questions, as well as explaining the tasks while teaching me the importance of the task and how it will be useful to their operation.  The most rewarding part of my job was at the end of some days, when my supervisor comes by and informs me that the clients I handled their translations for, has been approved of their visa, and feeling useful for someone else.  Overall I found this internship to be a highly valuable experience, as I learned about micro-level international relations from so many aspects, just by a simple task of document translations.


I am happy to say that, this experience has only motivated my career goal of working in legal services.  Actually working in the field requires a lot of “desk jobs” with many tedious tasks, and I believe this internship has given me a taste of what that feels like.  Although that seems like a dull idea of a career, it is the content of that “desk job” that excites me most.  


I look forward to continuing on this path with my upcoming internship in the beautiful city of Rome this summer, during my semester abroad, where I will be interning at another legal office that specializes in corporate commercial law, which will broaden my knowledge in different legal sectors.


(photo from Lonely Planet)


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone of my time and opportunity here at IMS and the experience it has given me.  ありがとうございました。


Sincerely yours,

Reina T.