How I Came to Intern


Hello everyone! My name is Paul Bateman and I am the intern at IMS Legal Professional Corporation for the summer of 2017! It is a bit of an interesting story as to how I ended up interning here.

I was first exposed to Japan when I was assigned to work as a volunteer missionary in Hokkaido when I was 19. The assignment was for two years. I did not speak any Japanese. I received two months of training at a facility in the states and then I was shipped off to Sapporo.

I had a wonderful time in Hokkaido serving the people there and I picked up some Japanese along the way. When I returned in December of 2016, I had less than two weeks at home before I was off to school in Utah. While I attended my first semester of University, I had a bit of a “quarter life crisis”; I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life! So I did some brainstorming and realized that I had no skills, no experience, and no real direction. In fact, there did not seem to be anything unique about me at all! It was really quite dismal actually. My one thing was that I was able to speak Japanese. I was an average white kid who could speak Japanese.

I did not want to just sit still and wait for something to pop up. I decided I was going to look for opportunities, regardless of my lack of qualifications. I decided that maybe an internship would help me figure out what direction I wanted to take in life.

I hopped on the internet and did a quick Google search for internships where the pre-requisites were you had to be American, and you had to be able to speak Japanese. The first option to pop up was the internship at IMS. I applied that day and the rest is history.

So far the experience of working in an office in Japan has been fantastic! Learning about visa and immigration law has been intriguing and translating various legal documents has taught me so much about language and business in Japan. Some things have indeed been challenging but with determination and the right attitude, I know that anything is possible.

Here is to a great summer!