Recent American Immigration Policy News

This is Anna; In 2016 I was an intern at IMS and I am now working here part-time. Today, I wanted to write about a few immigration policy updates in the US.


On “chain migration“:

On Monday, December 11, the Trump administration called for more restrictive immigration policies after an attempted bombing in New York City. The suspect was a 27-year old man who entered on an immigrant visa before becoming a permanent legal resident. The Trump administration has taken this as the reason to demand policy reform, that would make it harder for people to immigrate to the US. More specifically, it has opposed chain migration, which is a process by which a US immigrant sponsors the immigration o their family members to join them.


On the visa lottery program:

This follows an announcement in the previous month by the Trump administration that announced their opposition to the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program”, which is a program that gives individuals from countries with low rates of US immigration a chance for an immigrant visa.


What this means for those with immigration to the US in mind is that the process may be more difficult with a lower success rate in the future, depending on your country of citizenship. The Trump administration in recent news has been taking a very hard line on immigration, threatening to dissolve many diversity and pro-immigration programs.