Tuberculosis (TB, 結核) medical check now required for certain countries

According to multiple news sources, the Japanese government has decided that visa applicants from the following countries, who wish to stay in Japan for more than 90 days, must complete and submit a tuberculosis (TB) check at a designated medical institution.

  1. Philippines
  2. China
  3. Vietnam
  4. Nepal
  5. Indonesia
  6. Myanmar

The new requirements will be applied after the Japanese government has reached agreements with the governments of the above countries. If these conditions apply to you, please be sure to consult with your local embassy for the newest information.

TB checks for long-stay Japan visas (NHK English)

結核:入国前検査、政府が強化方針 ビザ申請時「非罹患証明書」(毎日新聞)