Dear readers,

This is your IMS former intern, Reina.

It’s been a week of annoying weather conditions where one day it’s cold and another disgustingly humid and warm.  I hope everyone is taking care of their body in this constantly changing environment.  I hear Iwate prefecture is flooding up to the knee for severe rain.  On the bright side, cherry blossom season has come early this year with mid-late March in full-bloom.  In previous years cherry blossom season would come early April in the midst of final examination times so I hardly saw any flowers but this year it looks like I’ll finally have my chance to relax and enjoy the pink overload across Tokyo.

A little over one month left of school and while research papers are piling up, I have had the joy of discovering a new passion in conducting research.  Strictly speaking.  Although writing essays is still something I despise, I find the process of gathering information through research rather fun.  I have three research papers due this semester: one for my Japanese history class and about how Japan’s Sakoku policy during the Edo period  has affected Japan’s foreign policy later on, another for my capstone class in foreign policy analysis and why the US decided against invasion of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and lastly how financial crises has changed capitalist behavior over time for my politics of capitalism course.  The semester load this spring semester is nerve racking and I hope everything will be managed in a timely manner before due date.

This weekend will be another snowboarding trip to Nagano/Hakuba, likely my last trip this winter.  I hope everyone has a great weekend as well.


Reina T.