Heat wave

This is Stephanie of IMS. After a blistering week of high temperatures and humidity, the heat in Tokyo — and many other areas of Japan — finally broke, thanks to strong wind and rain that rolled in last night. I hope everyone has been keeping cool!

According to The Japan Times, not only did the Tokyo area see the earliest end to the rainy season on record, ending after only 23 days; but the number of people hospitalized with heatstroke across the nation increased 5x over only one week! Between June 18 and 24, 667 people were hospitalized, and by seven days later, the number jumped to nearly 3,500.

Be sure to be vigilant in checking the weather forecast every day before you leave the house, as well as the projected UV index. Protect your skin with sunscreen, cover up with hats and umbrellas, and always be sure to drink plenty of water — especially those who regularly drink coffee and tea, which can increase the risk of dehydration.

Stay safe!


Tokyo area sees earliest end to rainy season on record

Number of heatstroke sufferers in Japan taken to the hospital spikes fivefold in one week