Favorite Things about Tokyo

It’s my third week here at IMS, and time is going by quickly! Thank you for making me feel welcome here.

As some of you know, I previously lived in Tohoku for a little over a year. I moved around to various places including Akita-shi, Sendai, Tagajo-shi, Yamagata-shi, and Hachinohe-shi. As you can imagine, these places are far different than Tokyo. It would not be uncommon to be on a main street, yet see nobody on the sidewalks. I was a bit worried about living in Tokyo when I only knew life in Tohoku. Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world, but surprisingly it hasn’t been hard to adjust to life here. Today I will share some of my favorite things about Tokyo so far.

-Cleanliness: Tokyo is CLEAN! In any American city it is common to see litter and trash in the streets, not to mention countless cigarette butts, gum, etc. on the sidewalks. Despite a lack of public trash cans, Tokyo is surprisingly spotless. Crowded areas like Shibuya are a bit messy, but it’s nothing compared to cities like Los Angeles or New York.

-Safety: I read online that Tokyo was voted the safest city in the world. As a young, single woman abroad it’s natural to worry about my safety. So far in Tokyo I haven’t felt endangered at all. It’s a great feeling.

-Serenity: It can be overwhelming to be surrounded by so many people during my daily commute. When I go to Shibuya or Ginza, I quickly get sick of the large crowds. However, when I get home to Hatchobori station it is very peaceful and calm. It’s cool that within the metropolis of Tokyo there are still places where the pace is slower.

There are many more things that I appreciate about Japan, however the weather is not one of them! Luckily I have a functional AC in my apartment! I look forward to another few weeks here at IMS!