Intern Excursion to Taipei

Hello IMS! On Monday Stephanie and I returned from our weekend trip to Taipei! Overall it was a great time. I enjoyed seeing and experiencing a new culture.

After we arrived on Friday we checked out the most famous building in Taiwan, the Taipei 101. At one point it was the tallest building in the world. Inside the building there are designer stores, fancy restaurants, and other vendors.


On Saturday I was able to see my younger brother who has been in Taiwan for a year. We got dinner and dessert together. The mango shaved ice lived up to my expectations!

 On Sunday we went to the National Palace Museum, which had a variety of exhibitions with Chinese painting, calligraphy, pottery, jade work, historical books, etc. The most famous piece in the museum is this jade sculpture of Japanese cabbage!

Afterwards we explored a town called Beitou which is up in the hills away from the city. It was really, really hot, but it was fun to see a countryside town in Taiwan. Following that we went to the Shilin market and looked around various stores. That night we ate at a restaurant close to our hotel that had delicious dumplings!


Monday morning we woke up early and met up with my brother to hike Elephant Mountain. It’s a short hike, but it is all stairs! Although it was morning, it was still extremely hot and humid. However, the view of the city was worth it! It was a good way to end our trip.

 I’m so grateful Stephanie and I were able to visit Taipei. Hopefully I can go again someday with my brother too!

Other pictures from the trip!