Expanding Knowledge through Travel

This is Easton again and I have now been interning here at IMS for a couple of weeks now. I never would have guessed the amount of information that has been able to fit inside my head over these past couple of weeks. I have learned much more about visas, passports and all sorts of interesting things that I have never had the opportunity to learn before. I am so thankful for all the people helping me everyday.
I am currently living in the amazing city of Yokohama and my favorite part of the day is my 30 minute walk to the Yokohama station every morning. I enjoy getting to see the busy mornings of all the business men in their suits and the school kids in their uniforms adventure off on their regular morning routines. It is so different from America and I find it very fascinating. One thing that I like to do while I walk to the station is surf the internet and find out what is happening around the world. One fact that I just learned that I found very interesting was that Japan just barely surpassed Singapore in having the most powerful passport in the world and is now able to visit 190 countries. Not only is a passport important for identification purposes, but it is also our key to visit other countries and the chance to learn from new people in a different environment. From my travels around the world, I have come to learn that people are very different anywhere you go because of their culture and circumstances that they were born into, and from those people there is always a lot to be learned. With Japan now having the most powerful passport in the world, I encourage you take this opportunity to visit somewhere new so that you can make new memories and learn new things that you will be able to keep forever.