Happy Halloween

This is Stephanie of IMS. Happy Halloween! While Halloween in Japan mostly remains an imported holiday, Halloween in my home country of America is a long-standing tradition for many families. Ever since I was a kid, we always decorated the front of the house and dressed up for trick-or-treating. One of my parents would take me door to door in our neighborhood so I could fill a candy bucket (or a pillowcase!) with candy, while my other parent would stay home with the candy bowl to answer when the doorbell rang. The last time I was in the U.S. for Halloween was in 2013, and I helped pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. I miss that experience!

Even though there is no tradition of trick-or-treating in Japan, I still enjoy seeing the storefront decorations, and yesterday I bought a miniature pumpkin for the top of my apartment shoe box. It’s small, but reminds me of home.