Preparations Ongoing for New Japanese Visas

This is Stephanie of IMS.

Last month, I wrote about the lack of support many towns are facing when it comes to hiring foreign workers, especially considering the new visa categories beginning in April. Now, the Japanese government itself has reported that preparations for these new categories are unlikely to be complete before April 1, when the new categories will be introduced.

On March 15, the government released a new set of ordinances for companies to comply with in hiring new foreign workers under the new visa system. These rules include giving foreign nationals wages equal to or higher than their Japanese counterparts. Japan expects hundreds of thousands of new foreign workers under the new visa system within the next 5 years, but concerns remain that they will be treated as cheap labor. This set of ordinances is aimed to combat unfair treatment within the workplace. Companies must allow not allow the involvement of third-party hiring brokers, who are known in the past to financially exploit those hoping to work in Japan.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kazuhiro Sugita has requested an expanded version of these comprehensive support measures as early as June.


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