Changes to Japanese health insurance

This is Stephanie of IMS, getting back into the routine of work after the long Golden Week holiday. Did you stay at home or travel during the extended vacation?

In a few days, the Japanese parliament will enact a legislation revision stating that overseas dependents of foreigners working in Japan will no longer be able to receive health insurance benefits. This change is in response to the growing number of dependents living overseas who claim health insurance benefits despite never having lived in Japan. Under this new change, only dependents currently living in Japan will be able to receive coverage, with few exceptions. As Japan prepares to increase its foreign workforce, this change is sure to affect many of the new workers and their families.

However, Japanese residents — regardless of nationality — who are temporarily living overseas for work or study will continue to be able to receive insurance coverage as long as they meet certain conditions. The ministry of health is expected to release details soon.

Although this legislation is in the upcoming days, the new eligibility rules are expected to go into effect next year on April 1, 2020.


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