Countries Around the World Issue U.S. Travel Warnings

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The United States has long been a top destination for tourism and studying abroad, but with the recent rise in the frequency of deadly mass shootings making international headlines, various countries have voiced concern for their citizens planning a visit.

Travel warnings, usually issued by countries to warn its citizens to exercise caution when planning to visit countries in the midst of conflict (like the protests in Hong Kong), or experiencing natural disaster (storms, earthquakes etc).

Beginning with Uruguay and Venezuela both listing the US on its travel advisory list, citing violence among other reasons as a response to the mass shootings, more and more countries are starting to warn their citizens about the dangers of visiting the United States.This CNN Edition article summarizes the various precautions issued by countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and Germany.

Amnesty International has also issued a travel warning for all international citizens, citing gun violence as the cause.However not all warnings are outright denunciations, it is still important to note the rising international concern for those visiting the United States.

Japan’s Foreign Ministry also issued a warning following the shooting in Dayton, Ohio (found here in Japanese) reminding Japanese people to exercise caution in America, describing it as a society with guns.

Trump has threatened retaliation to countries who have issues travel warnings regarding the United States.This is confusing to some, considering that warning citizens about the possible dangers of traveling to a country without proper context makes no tangible difference in policy or procedure when it comes to imDetail, travel, or trade, but nonetheless when speaking to reporters he has stated unspecified plans to “reciprocate”. (Details here , and here ) Whether this will have a substantive effect on travel to the US is yet to be proven. these warnings are still justifiable.