Measures Implemented by the Immigration Bureau of Japan Regarding International Students

This is Yuka of IMS.

I’m sure all of us are facing unexpected changes in our lifestyle in this trying time.
As a college student, I am preparing for the start of online classes. Even as a domestic student, I am worried about how the pandemic will affect my education, so I cannot begin to imagine the uncertainty and distress that many international students face amidst this emergency.
Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to explain some measures that the Immigration Bureau of Japan has implemented regarding Japanese-language schools.

As most of you may know, many educational institutions have decided to move their classes online. Although under regular circumstances, students receiving their education online do not qualify for international student visas, due to the extent of the pandemic, the Japanese government has implemented emergency measures that allow international students to take online classes without consequences.

In addition, for international students who were planning to enroll at an educational institution in Japan this April but were not able to for reasons related to the pandemic, the Immigration Services Agency has announced that they will be dealing with such cases flexibly and will fully consider the circumstances behind each case.

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