Notice on expansion of Interview Waiver Eligibility(東京米国大使館等での一部非移民サービス再開のお知らせ)

This is Yuka of IMS.

As many U.S. consulates, including all U.S. consulates in Japan, resume nonimmigrant visa services in a limited capacity, various measures to prevent COVID-19 transimissions among applicants and consular staff have been implemented.

One such measure is the temporary allowance of consular officers to waive the in-person interview requirement for individuals applying for a nonimmigrant visa in the same classification, provided that their previous visa has expired within 24 months of the date of application. Since this expiration period was previously set at 12 months, this expansion will reduce the number of applicants who are required to appear in-person for their nonimmigrant visa applications.

Again, all U.S. consulates in Japan, including the U.S. Embassy Tokyo, have resumed nonimmigrant visa services in a limited capacity. For more information on available services and current measures, we advise that you visit the website of the U.S. consulates of Japan, or contact us if in need of further assistance.