Open Borders Coming Soon?

This is Stephanie of IMS. Spring is upon us, and many hopeful foreign students and workers are looking to get their visas to enter Japan. Unfortunately, at the moment, all new arrivals are currently banned, and overseas Japanese embassies are not issuing new visas. In recent days, however, the Japanese government has been eyeing the possibility of opening the borders with a daily cap. Some proposals set the cap to 2,000 arrivals per day, taking into consideration the current numbers of COVID throughout the Tokyo metropolitan and the rest of the country.

The Olympics and Paralympics are also scheduled to proceed as planned, but only domestic ticket holders would be allowed to attend. If the borders open (with limitations), this may allow for some tourists to attend the games as well.

No details have been settled as of today, but as daily COVID numbers decrease, proposals are eyeing April as a goal. The cap on entries would be managed through inbound flights to Japan, and entrants would be subject to self-quarantine at their residence or a government-designated place for 14 days. Daily check-ins would be required, both via phone app and voice/video chat.