Going to Tokyo’s High Court

Hey everyone this is Easton the Intern.
About a week ago I had the opportunity to go to one of the eight High Courts that are located here in Japan. The high court that I went to was located here in Tokyo and it was a great experience. I have not had much exposure or had many opportunities to visit the high court, but it was fun to be able to see what a prosecutor and lawyer do on a daily basis for their job. While I was at the court house, I was able to learn a lot of cool and interesting facts. One thing that I learned that was very fascinating was that Japan has a very high conviction rate that exceeds that of 99%. That number is very high when you compare it to other conviction rates around the world. For example, America and the United kingdom both have a conviction rate at around 85% while certain states in India have a conviction rate as high as 86% but as low as 10%.
Overall, I had a very fun time and it was a good experience for me to be able to learn a little bit more about the Japanese court system and Japanese laws.