Did you know? You can apply for permanent residency by staying in Japan for a minimum of 1 year!

    Even if your current status of residence is not a highly skilled foreign professional status, If the points fall under the category of highly skilled foreign professional, you can apply for permanent residence in as little as 1 year.

Did you know that the Immigration Bureau has positioned highly skilled foreign professionals as someone with advanced expertise and abilities capable of contributing to academic research and economic development in Japan, and provides various incentives?

For advanced foreign talents, various incentives such as permission of multiple activities, granting a period of stay of uniform “5 years”, employment of a spouse, escort of parents or domestic servants under certain conditions, and et cetera are permitted.

Among them, there was a revision in April 2017 to which conditions of the length of stay for permanent residence applicants were greatly relaxed, especially for highly skilled foreign professionals were recognized to be able to apply for permanent residence for even just one year of staying in Japan. In order to be recognized as a highly skilled foreign professional, it is necessary to accumulate more than 70 points from items on the “Point Calculation Table” specified by the Immigration Bureau.

Points are calculated based on the activities of each applicant and evaluated by items such as age, education history, employment history, income, professional qualification, Japanese language ability and so on.

There are many foreign clients who work for academic institutions and foreign-affiliated companies, and IMS has abundant experience and track record in applying for highly skilled foreign professionals.

English consulting is also available, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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