One day I googled, “alpacas in Japan,” and this place called Mother’s Farm came up. Ever since high school I’ve been really into alpacas due to my Alpacasso Amuse stuffed animal collection. Mother’s Farm was extremely appealing to me not only because you can pet and feed alpacas on the tour, but also because there are animal shows, amusement park-like attractions, and flower fields. The train to the farm was a little over an hour, and I was able to catch a 30 minute bus from the station that takes you to the front entrance. I went with my Japanese friend from college who graduated this year and lives in Tokyo.

My favorite part of the day was obviously meeting the alpacas. They are shaved in the summertime, so they are not as cute and fluffy. I tried to pet and take a selfie with them, but they were too focused on eating the food. I want to come back in the wintertime when they have more fur on them.

Another fun thing we did was pet the animals in the petting zoo. It is mostly geared towards kids, but we went anyway. The outside petting zoo has bunnies, tortoises, wallabies, sheep, and capybaras. They freely walk around and it is fun watching them explore. I got to pet a capybara for the first time because one of them kept towards people, trying to find a way to escape the zoo. Its “fur” feels weird, kind of like hair gel.

The inside petting zoo allows you to hold guinea pigs or bunnies. They give you a towel and gloves and you can choose your animal. I chose to hold a bunny, and the bunny they gave me was black and white, just like my cat GiGi at home. Petting animals is quite relaxing and I wish I had a pet while I am staying in my apartment.

After petting the animals, we explored the beautiful flower fields. You can take amazing photos as you are surrounded by brightly colored flowers. Apparently there are also yellow flower fields, but we couldn’t find them, so that’s another reason why I have to go back!

I highly recommend Mother’s Farm even if you aren’t particularly interested in farming. It feels sort of like an amusement park, and there are plenty of activities to do that will keep you there a whole day. I can’t wait to take my new study abroad friends there in the fall!