This is Stephanie of IMS.


With July come and gone, it seems strange to me just how quickly this year has passed. The first half of this year was marked with many important events, and pretty soon, I’ll have spent an entire year in my new apartment. I heard often growing up that the older you get, the faster time seems to flow – and it seems every year I am always astonished when I look at the calendar and realize another month has passed.


Growing up in the United States, my summers started in June and ended in mid-August. Two to three months of staying home, playing outside and inside with friends, reading… how long vacation seemed then! And now as an adult working full-time, a two-month vacation has turned into a foreign concept to me.


Many of us spend at least 16 years of our life in school (1st grade through a 4-year university), and then suddenly, summer vacation is no longer a presence in our life. Isn’t that a harsh wake-up call?


As I mentioned in June, this month I will be taking a small vacation to the base of Mt. Fuji to visit three of the local caves. Although I have lived in foreign countries on my own, this will be my first solo vacation to a new place that does not involve study abroad. My summer vacation may have gone from three months to a few days, but I’m determined to make the most of it. It’s never too late to have a new experience, no matter how fast the year passes!