Record number of revoked Japanese visas in 2019

This is Stephanie of IMS.

Following increased scrutiny of suspected visa violations, Japanese immigration authorities announced in a recent report that they had revoked a record number of 832 visas in 2018, a noticeable increase from 385 revoked in 2017 and 294 in 2016.

Some of these numbers breakdown as follows:

  • 100 visas revoked due to misrepresentation or fraud
  • 393 visas revoked due to overstaying the period of stay or failing to change status within three months of changing activities
    • This number includes students who dropped out of school but did not leave the country, as well as people married to a Japanese national who divorced but failed to change their status.
  • 218 visas revoked due to engaging in activities that were not permitted under their visa category

In total, 412 students had their visas revoked for working part-time without permission. A visa cancellation due to fraud unsurprisingly results in immediate deportation and can prevent future entry to Japan. It goes without saying that overstaying a visa, or engaging in part-time work as a student without taking the necessary steps, can lead to serious consequences.


Japan revoked record number of visas in 2018 as authorities stepped up crackdown