Salutations From Our Head Lawyer

“As we entered the 21st century, we saw a greater trend toward globalization that is still continuing strong. This international market has brought intensified competition between the different societies of the world, consequently leading to an increase in the employment of foreigners and the dispatch of expatriate representatives overseas (especially to the US) by Japanese enterprises. However, amidst the swift movements of highly-skilled and competent employees into various business arenas, there has been an increase in the number of people engaged in illegal residency/overstay and in illegal employment. In response to this, the screening process has recently become even more strictly enforced at both the Immigration Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Justice and the United States Embassy.”

“For those foreign nationals who wish to reside in Japan, as well as those Japanese people who wish to reside in the United States, various procedures according to the laws of that country must be carried out to properly ensure legal residence. These legal procedures are usually difficult to comprehend and then vary from country to country. In companies, there is usually a staff of people to coordinate the various applications for the appropriate status of residency on behalf of prospective foreign employees. Even though there may be no problem with the particulars of that prospective employee, visa applications do get declined solely on any insufficiency in the entire application.

With our broad range of experience and outstanding track record, IMS possesses the professional knowledge to accurately respond to the precise needs of our clients. As the sole professional visa consultant for top national universities as well as several of Japan’s largest corporations we have successfully processed over 30,000 visa applications since 2002. Let our intimate knowledge of the visa application process save you and your company those resources that would better be applied to your business. Put our network, knowledge, and know-how to work for you. IMS-we are your International Management Solution.”

This photo was taken when our president was invited to the TeamUp reception at the Ambassador’s residence.

Keri Lowry Deputy Assistant Secretary