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Commonly encountered issue of applicants for Certificate of Eligibility

This is Yuka of IMS. With the start of school fast approaching for foreign students planning to enter a Japanese school from the fall, last month, we filed hundreds of applications per day for prospective students applying for a Certificate of Eligibility.

In light of the continuing need for some to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility in spite of travel restrictions, today I’d like to talk about a common issue that many applicants tend to encounter in the process of completing their Application for Certificate of Eligibility.

In March, Japan changed the format of numerous application forms, including the application form for Certificates of Eligibility. Now, on the very first page of the application form, applicants must fill in the number of times that they have submitted an application pertaining to Certificates of Eligibility. This change has caused confusion for many applicants, because unlike legal professionals that deal with residency applications on a daily basis such as ourselves, it is difficult for applicants to track the total number of times they have applied for authorization, renewal, and changes in status.

Moreover, since Certificate of Eligibility applications are usually not filed by the applicants themselves, again, many have trouble tracking their total application numbers. In addition, other tangible/visible items that indicate an application was filed is unreliable. For example, while a visa is usually pasted on an applicant’s passport after their application is approved, the pandemic has complicated things, thus making this an unreliable measure, in some cases, of the number of applications made. Second, although notices of denial can allow people to track how many times their applications were denied, this may also be unreliable if you do not have all of these notices at hand.

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We are capable of deducing the number of times a client has made an application at the Immigration Bureau through examining and comparing your record of past visits and residency history in Japan.


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